The Airtoons Mailbag of Delight

Yes, these are indeed quite old! Since the Mailbag page was created (originally dubbed "Laugh at Yourselves") over the years the feedback has been a lot less... psycho. Which is both good and bad, I suppose! I choose to keep these posted here because of their strong sentimental value. Enjoy!

Dear Airtoons,
swim like shit

dunstable England

I have no idea.

Dear Airtoons,
Come up with something funny. Your cartoons are banal.

Walter Strong,
Modesto, CA

I suck.

Dear Airtoons,


Interesting style. I liked how you used all uppsercase, mixed with periods, a hyphen, and an equals sign. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Dear Airtoons,
nice, i would like to see some more about the little kids that should be burned and crusified

were do you think

You need help.

Dear Airtoons,
Fuck fucking you

your mothers whorehouse

Hey! My mother's whorehouse isn't open for business yet! How did you get in already?

Dear Airtoons,
Hey wuz up I think that your shit is funyy as hell more power to you! And all you faggots who think he sucks can lick my ass hole.


Okay thanks. The rest of you better start lickin'!

Dear Airtoons,
Hey man fuck what other poeple say. This is the funniest joint on the web. and the comments page is the best part. People say the dumbest shit. Keep it up and you'll go far.

Fred Jones, Whats that
Right here

This guy knows what's up. Screw the rest of you!

Dear Airtoons,
I like Airtoons.

Chris Morris,
the farm

This guy knows what's up too! Wahoo! Thanks Chris.

Dear Airtoons,
this is hell funny.


...As opposed to heaven serious?

Dear Airtoons,
Hi Taber! Seems like you have nothing better to do than to wank all day. However, this is by far the funiest site I have seen in months. I have to say I couldn't stop laughing and caught my colleagues' attention, which is always good for self-assertiveness. The comments page is even funnier than your toons. Thanks for changing my life! I'll never look at security cards the same way... By the way, I am a "coloured" person and I found your "coloured" joke lovely. Please leave it in!

Jell'O Man
Amsterdam, NL

Thanks, I think. Will do on the "coloured" joke!

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