The Airtoons Mailbag of Delight

Yes, these are indeed quite old! Since the Mailbag page was created (originally dubbed "Laugh at Yourselves") over the years the feedback has been a lot less... psycho. Which is both good and bad, I suppose! I choose to keep these posted here because of their strong sentimental value. Enjoy!

Dear Airtoons,
I laughed till I cried! Then I was very sad and cried some more!

Jeff Scroggin,
Austin, Texas

Hahah stop crying, wussy! Just kidding Jeff. Rock on.

Dear Airtoons,
i came upon this site while looking at a "Good" website, and upon looking at your airtoons and the feeble attempt at humour i decided to check out what people had to say about this here site. What shocks and amazes me is that people auctally think this is funny! Your material isn't funny at all nor is it offensive or crude. It's just a simple minded fool's attempt at being funny. I think that the only one that made me chuckle was the one where people with 80's hair will be kicked out immediately. It's a shame that this site is auctally commercial and that your trying to make money off of this. If you want to be funny hire a writer with a sense of humour becuase quite frankly this site is one of the worst comedic sites i've been to.

Brett Brainless
let me know if this gets posted. i'd like to see what idiotic comments you put at the bottom so you can feel big about yourself.

Brett Brainless,
a place known for cowboys

I'm 6'1"!

Dear Airtoons,

De$perado '2oOo,

I replied "FUCK YOU TOO"... He replied:

Dear Airtoons,
seems like party just keeps goin' Webmaster itself and such a big mouth. Fuck you was a critic to you, cause you sent a message to me, where you wanted me to vote for a shitty page of your's.If you are so fool, that you don't understand that, then Fuck you again. Asshole.

Well you signed up to get the email, so if you didn't want email from my shitty page, why did you sign up to receive updates? If you are so fool that you didn't unserstand that, fuck you times infinity! -Airtoon$ '2o0o

Dear Airtoons,
I believe that your website is extremely amusing. People who come here to write how much it sucks are dumbasses. I don't think it sucks. I come here every other day, nearly, just to read it. It helps me get through college. If this place didn't exist, I would have died one night because I was reading this website's hilarious shit instead of going out to watch the tide come in and fifteen people drowned!!

The United States of America

Thanks Paul! You are a loyal friend. See? I KNEW I was making a difference. Mike Orbison! Your 8 year old cousin should be glad this web site is around! Stay safe, Paul.

Dear Airtoons,
It is completely irresposible of you to be maintaing a site as dirty and demeaning as this . The are so many unsupervised children out there on the internet, including my 8 year old cousin, that might stumble upon gabage such as this. If these dirty cartoons are all you have to contribute to society, I fear that we are all in a lot of trouble.

Mike Orbison,

Isn't it though? It's so naughty! Look, I'm not their parents. Go slap your 8-year old cousin's hand. By the way, I have PLENTY more useless garbage to contribute to society! Check it out some more things I made:, wallet


Dear Airtoons,
Airtoons rule. And so does the guy who runs it. And flying's really fun. In a plane.

London, England

You're too kind, dubbILL! My favorite place to fly is in a plane too!

Dear Airtoons,
some of these are fucking stopid but others are cool
(age): 12


You're twelve!

Dear Airtoons,
Word on the street is that y=mx+b.

Mr. Man,

That's right! And you plus me equals chemistry!

Dear Airtoons,
t-shirts- good!
nude bitches- good!

right here

Excellent! I will start to look into these possibilities!

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