The Airtoons Mailbag of Delight

Yes, these are indeed quite old! Since the Mailbag page was created (originally dubbed "Laugh at Yourselves") over the years the feedback has been a lot less... psycho. Which is both good and bad, I suppose! I choose to keep these posted here because of their strong sentimental value. Enjoy!

Dear Airtoons,
This site is great and reading people's feedback just goes to prove that most people take stuff way too seriously. Get a sense of humor, people. This site is great. Keep em' coming.


Exactly, Ryan. A lot of people think that too. I just don't post all of those emails. Where the hell did all the psychos go?

Dear Airtoons,
Do you really reply to every message? Or do some of the really dumb ones never make it to the web page? (Although it's difficult to imagine messages even dumber than some of those I just read.)

PJ Siccur,

How am I supposed to answer you if you give me a fake email address?!

Dear Airtoons,
Brilliant!!! This has got to be the funniest website I have ever seen, I laughed my ass off and then told everyone about it. 'Nerds are encouraged to get the fuck out' is the best. To all those opposed - GET A FUCKING LIFE!!! I actually just wrote so you'd give me a funny reply.

Vancouver Island, Canada

Thanks! I don't have anything funny to say, though.

Dear Airtoons,
I have looked at your airtoons and wonder if this is the sort of standard US humor or is it directed to small childeren or possibly made by a child. You could possibly bring in someone who can bring in fun and laughing and that sort of stuf.
good luck
Karl the Flyer


Blah, blah! My name's Karl and I hump dogs!

Dear Airtoons,
What's being done about the robots? Your anti - jelly bean pro robot agenda has been clear for some time now.

George Kaplan,

The robots have been recalled due to missing integral surface pattern circuitry linguistics. The jellybeans are being held at a top - secret orphanage in Nevada. Stay tuned for updates!

Dear Airtoons,
Hello there! I came back to Holland last night on a 3 hour flight from Malta. I passed 74 cartoonprints around the plane. Not every passenger could appreciate it. Funny shit!I had a blast. THANK YOU!!!

Mirthe Geerlings,

YES! Proactive! No, no, thank YOU! Rock on.

Dear Airtoons,
I think it's very funny humor (american?). Ik like 'm with a lot of masturbation and anal sex, especialy when children read it.

Victor V,

American indeed! You'd fit right in!

Dear Airtoons,
I am thoroughly dissapointed and appaled by your lack of morals. I think you are sending a bad message to the children around the world. You need to be a good role model, ex. Jar Jar Binks, Mr. T, Tony Danza, etc. You should try to model yourself after these fine young gentlemen. I will generously help you along your path to acheving this goal. STEP 1. Join the fight for a Communist nation.
STEP 2. Eat Special K.
STEP 3. Use sporks instead of Forks/Spoons.
After you have completed these steps, you will be on the way to a future of prosperity. (Prosperity = Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots).

Cleveland Jr.,

With your help and guidance I can finally be as one with my inner enigma! Thank you!

Dear Airtoons,
I did not find this particular race bashing cartoon funny at all. It was sent to me by my daughter.

gloria taylor,

Good thing you didn't see the daughter bashing one! Whew!

Dear Airtoons,
The new recruits are here. The revolution will not be televised . . .and if it were it'd be placed inbetween Charles in Charge and Small Wonder.

Horatio T. Frebalhi (pronounced Frey bally),
From a Buick 6

Excellent! Make them wait by the stove until I have further instructions. Get Buddy Limbeck on the phone and also order tons of Popcorn. We're going to need to spend some time with this one, people!

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