The Airtoons Mailbag of Delight

Yes, these are indeed quite old! Since the Mailbag page was created (originally dubbed "Laugh at Yourselves") over the years the feedback has been a lot less... psycho. Which is both good and bad, I suppose! I choose to keep these posted here because of their strong sentimental value. Enjoy!

Dear Airtoons,
You are rating 2.1 funny. Not as funny as these deranged moron turdwipes believe you are. Yes, you all, bitches. My grandma's ass dimples have more humour content than this site. Its hardly a shadow on a truly amusing site. Falwell sucks gay cocks in his closet, so fuck all you moral crusaders back to the shithole you came in. Read on, mutants and discover funnier shit.


You are certainly the character! You are rating 10.0 expert on web exploration and information gathering! The mutants will follow in your wake in your quest for the truth! Let's now have a toast! To HUMOUR!

Dear Airtoons,
hi, I looked at your material on your web page, and I must say that after viewing some I did not know how to feel, but most of them made me feel funny in the pants, now thats a special feeling, thank you again, I look forward to your updates. By the way, can we get more nudity? ... I like hairy women, thank you.


The funny feeling in the pants is the most special of special feelings! And the pic of the day for October 2 is for you! Sorry, but she is not hairy.

Dear Airtoons,
Dear sir, I have reviewed your web site due to a request from my younger brother. He thinks your site is, and I quote:"kickass funny". I must say I do not share his enthusiasm towards your web page. I feel that pages like these will bring the downfall to our american free nation. I am a big fan of a legislature pro internet censorship, and I would cast in the vote for your disturbing web site. Please help our youth live in a utopian but controlled society by reverting your ways. Sincerly, Alfred.

Alfred j. Fayed,

Dear Alfred, I fully support that our youth live in a utopian society. But a society with control cannot be a utopia. Therefore I suggest your brother delve into the world of animal porn and go kart racing without further delay. To save yourself from a boring and unproductive life, you should do the same as well! Act now!

Dear Airtoons,
I hate you you piece of shit and I love your sight, but your the coolest fuking guy ever and I think this sight sucks ass. Will you help me?

Boston, Mass

You, my friend, are dysfunctional beyond help.

Dear Airtoons,
You are not funny, talented, or original. How much time have you wasted on this hunk-of-shit site?

Dave Dubson,

First off, next time please use your real name instead of some made-up wacko name like Dave Dubson. Secondly, I don't know, I haven't been keeping track. My bad.

Dear Airtoons,
i think your hot and i love your website can we hook up I'm desprite!


Prince of darkness hear me now!!!! I will never fall for your trickery!! (Unless you pay me an insane amount of money and hook me up with Britney Spears.)

Dear Airtoons,
send back


NO!!!! Why don't you MAKE ME send back, Maren??

Dear Airtoons,
Yar! I be Blackbeard! Yar! I shall rape yer horses and ride off on yer women if ye do not surrender me Moon Pies!! Yar!!!

Blackbeard the Pirate

Look Blackbeard, I think I speak for everybody when I say I'm getting pretty tired of your shit. I won those Moon Pies fair and square on casino night. Next time bring more doubloons and you wont have to bet your Moon Pies.

Dear Airtoons,
fuck you guys you selfish bastards!!!! you should feel lucky that people would post your stupid fucking comics!!!! get a fuckin life!!!


Skot! I thank God above for your enlightening email. Believe me, I thank myself every waking hour that I post my OWN comics on my OWN web site! I mean wow. How lucky am I to have myself? I am also now looking into getting a "life" ASAP. Perhaps when I have attained this "life" I will send inaccurate, rude comments to complete strangers and make a fool of myself in the process! Wish me luck!

Dear Airtoons,
YOUR WEBSITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SO DOES YOUR FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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