The Airtoons Mailbag of Delight

Yes, these are indeed quite old! Since the Mailbag page was created (originally dubbed "Laugh at Yourselves") over the years the feedback has been a lot less... psycho. Which is both good and bad, I suppose! I choose to keep these posted here because of their strong sentimental value. Enjoy!

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Dear Airtoons,
YOUR WEBSITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SO DOES YOUR FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Airtoons,
DUde, fuck you for taking all the comics off and not putting them back on. You are a disgrace to us all. fucker.


Hey, any time!

Dear Airtoons,
Hello, i was on American Airlines flight 134 from Las Vegas to Detriot and while evacuating the aircraft i have seeme to have lost my breifcase of magic tricks. I was wondering if you may have seen it. If so please contact me at once.

purple magician

This is horrible. If anyone has seen his briefcase, please give it to Fantastic Dan and he will ensure its proper return.

Dear Airtoons,
airtoons is to harry potter as twilight is to a pile of shit.

yes. that was a compliment.


At first I was all... "Ohhh another hate-mail," *DELETE!* But then after closer inspection I figured out that it was indeed a compliment! So thanks a bunch!

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